Deep Learning Engineer

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About Focal

Focal Systems is a San Francisco based startup providing solutions for retailers to improve inventory management, reduce out-of-stocks, enhance the shopper experience and optimize checkout lanes. Focal solutions consist of powerful devices in stores that leverage machine learning and computer vision technology.

Job Summary

We are looking for a versatile engineer who has demonstrated capabilities to develop, benchmark, and validate a wide variety of deep neural network architectures to extract knowledge and information from images in real-time. Focal Systems is a Deep Learning first company. Join us in deploying Deep Learning to the world!

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Develop state-of-the-art and novel deep neural network architectures
  • Develop training and testing pipelines to assess the performance of these architectures on relevant image processing tasks
  • Keep up with deep learning literature and research publications in order to implement the latest techniques into our networks and pipelines
  • Develop machine-learning algorithms on a breadth of software frameworks (Keras, TensorFlow, Torch) and deploy on a diversity of hardware platforms


  • Have significant experience training Deep Networks, CNNs, LSTMS
  • Experience with Keras (Tensorflow) a plus
  • 2+ years Researching CV
  • Masters or PhD in CS / EE or equivalent
  • Stellar academic performance
  • Published research in peer-reviewed journal a huge plus!