Store managers have to manage hundreds of stockers each day, many of whom are still going through training, and stockers are not always stocking correctly and efficiently. This creates issues and bottlenecks on all levels of store operation. That's where Focal's Staff Accountability Metrics and Stocker Action Tools come into play.


1. Double stocker's pick velocity

Focal measures exactly how many picks a stocker fills per hour, every hour. We call this metric "pick velocity". Since Focal is taking inventory every hour, we measure pick velocity for each stocker with full accountability since we know what was stocked, by who, and when.

This information is invaluable in coaching and training employees. In all of our case studies conducted, we have seen near 100% increases in average stocker pick velocity. This allows your team to perform the same number of picks with half the staff or double the picks with the same staff.


2. Monitor their shelves from anywhere in the world

By having a current, dependable, and accurate status report of your shelves, you know exactly what the issues are and how your team is progressing through them, wherever in the world you are.


3. Ensure the most important products are stocked first

Each out of stock has a Lost Sales per Hour (LSH) and a Frustrated Shoppers per Hour (FSH). Your goal as a store manager should be making the most of the labor hours to minimize both. If your staff is currently working a slow mover (i.e. Mint Jelly where LSH=$.1 and FSH=0.1), and a fast mover goes out of stock (i.e. Tide where LSH=$128 and FSH=10), your staff should drop what they are doing immediately, and make the most of their time.

Our Stocker Action Tools rank sorts your outs as they occur by LSH and FSH to recoup the most lost sales possible and make the most customers happy.


4. Detect and coach stockers that are in training or underperforming

Focal breaks down your stockers into 3 groups:

  • Outperforming (green)
  • Meeting expectation (yellow)
  • Underperforming (red)

This allows managers to coach their stockers (night or day) to get the most out of their hours.

By continuously and automatically tracking your stockers performance, you can coach them to convert all your stockers to exceed expectations.


5. Simplify Manager's job and stocker's job

How Focal simplifies the manager's job:

A manager can not be everywhere at once. They need to know exactly what is the status of their store and how to triage the problems that arise during the day.

By offering an accurate and bird's eye view of their store, they can make the most informed decisions and leverage their staff optimally.


How Focal simplifies the stocker's job:

In a high-turn industry like retail, where the median turnover rate among store employees is 65% (source), training costs can be as high as $2 million per year per store, in manager and employee time. Stockers today need 2-3 weeks of training to learn complicated processes, unfriendly User Interfaces, and memorizing PLU codes. There has to be a better way!

By simplifying the process with modern tools and User Interfaces that take away the need to memorize any magic numbers, stores can reduce training costs to half of that and dramatically decrease human errors.