Automating Brick and Mortar Retail

Improve shelf availability by having continuous, real-time tracking of out-of-stocks.

Monitor and benchmark duration of out of stocks (not just the occurrence) to enable better inventory management.

Improve labor efficiency with cashier-less checkout.

Increase customer satisfaction with a precise in-store navigator.

Help shoppers find deals and watch your basket size increase.

  • "AB has partnered with Focal Systems to track out-of-stocks for our brands in convenience stores. The data we have gathered using their technology has supported our efforts to quantify the impact of out-of-stocks and optimize product mix on the shelf. The ability to track this data continuously throughout the day has also provided us a new lever for identifying shopping trends across stores."
    — Andrew Green - Director of Strategy and Innovation, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • "We have been very impressed with Focal Systems’ out-of-stock real time detection technology. By being able to track out-of-stocks continuously in stores, we can replenish our shelves more quickly, improve product availability for our customers, and improve sales. We are now in the process of developing a system to integrate Focal Systems’ automated OOS detection with our inventory on-hand and our inventory reordering systems."
    — Christopher McCrae - Retail Logistics, CISD. Wakefern Food Corp

Our Solutions

Automated Real-Time Out-of-Stock Detection

A customer with a Focal device on their cart walks by an out-of-stock. Seconds pass, and you see it on our dashboard.

Shopping Behavior Analytics

Focal devices track anonymized information about shopper trip path, dwell time, promotion clicks and product search data, to help you get a deeper understanding of their in-store behavior.

Location Based Advertising & Product Locator

Shoppers are notified by their Focal device of cost-saving opportunities as they near them in aisles. Shoppers can use their Focal devices to search and locate products, and navigate to that part of the store.

Auto Checkout - “Just Throw It In The Cart”

Imagine a checkout experience where your customers don’t wait in long lines and existing cashier labor can be redeployed. Focal’s team is working hard to bring you this frictionless solution.